Klaipeda International Cello Competition takes place between 1 and 5 May 2017. The competition is open for professional performers and students from Lithuania and other countries of the world, studying cello performance at music schools, art gymnasiums, schools, colleges, conservatoires and universities.
Group A – born 2007 05 01 and later,
Group B – born 2003 05 01 and later,
Group C – born 1999 05 01 and later,
Group D – born 1987 05 01 and later.
The application deadline is 12 March 2017. All successful candidates will be informed by 31 March 2017. The sheet music can be accessed once the competition is entered. In order to enter the competition one must fill the application form. Application form in English -> here. Application form in Russian -> here
Competition fees:











Accompanists can be booked by request, the fee is €30 per hour. All the fees must be paid by 12 March 2017 via the application form using Paysera, Paypal or the credit card. In other cases, it is possible to make a bank transfer payment but it is necessary to keep the digital transfer receipt with the full name of the candidate.
Bank account 
IBAN: LT567230000000700318
Address: Totorių g. 20, Vilnius LT 01121, Lithuania
Bank name: UAB Medicinos bankas
Bank address : Pamėnkalnio g. 40, LT-01114 Vilnius
In the subject line please indicate the full name of the participant as well as „competition fee“
If a selected candidate fails to arrive, a refund will not be issued. In case of any questions please contact or call + 370 687 11901.
  1. Except the qualifying round all the competition rounds are open for public.
  2. The sequential order of the performing participants is defined by their age from the youngest to the oldest.
  3. The sequential order of the finalists is defined by the competition organisers and artistic director of the orchestra. 
  4. Initiator of the festival and competition has the right to change the competition participants' performance time.
  5. The programme, stated in the application form, and its presented sequential order is final. The rare exceptions might be considered by administration.
  6. The sequential order of performing pieces is up to the participant.
  7. All the pieces are performed by heart except for Sonatas for cello and piano.
  8. Performance of the repeated section of the piece is up to the participant. 
  9. All the sheet music copies must be presented upon arrival at the registration desk. In case of the will of the jury, competitors must be able to provide the relevant sheet music which has been used for rehearsals.
  10. The pieces, provided in the application form, must be performed only once during the competition. 
  11. The performances are judged by an international jury, which decisions are final and cannot be appealed.
  12. The jury has a right to interrupt the performance if it exceeds the time limit. 
  13. Competitors have to participate in competition and festival concerts without any fee. 
  14. The Awards Ceremony takes places during the final evening concert.
  15. Cash prizes for the competition winners will be transfered within thirty calendar days after the Awards Ceremony.
  16. The organisers of the competition reserve all the rights to the competition and concert recordings of all sorts as well as their commercial use and broadcast without any fee to competitors.
  17. In case of a doubt regarding the terms and conditions, the ultimate text is the one in Lithuanian language.