The participants of the Academy – Lithuanian and foreign professional performers and students pursuing violoncello studies in music schools, art gymnasiums, schools, colleges, conservatoires and universities. The participant’s age shall fall into 16 – 30 age frame at the actual time of the KIVA 2018 events. The youngest participants should have been born between July 7, 1987 and July 6, 2002.

As an exception, the organisers of the Academy might allow the participation of younger violoncellists whose age has not reached 16 years. If you are younger than 16 and are willing to participate at the Academy, please, fill the application online and submit required documents.

Academy offers two programs:

  1. Active participant: 250 Eur (9 days of the Academy events, 7 active days – individual lessons from June 28 to July 6, and concerts – recitals, appearances with orchestra and violoncello ensembles). For more information »
  2. Passive participant: 50 Eur (9 days of the Academy events from June 28 to July 6). If you are not able to be a full-time participant, we offer a participant accreditation for one or several days. One-day tuition fee is 25 Eur. Only full-time (9 days) participants are eligible for the Academy participant certificates. For more information »

KIVA 2018 registration opens in May 2018. When filling an application form the participant can indicate the chosen professors. The registration closes on June 4, 2018.

Fill the application form here » Upon registering you will receive a confirmation.

For more information: e-mail, telephone +370 672 99960.


Piatri. Fine String Instruments, the Summer Academy sponsor, will award one participant of the Academy with a special prize – opportunity to play a modern violoncello made by German master Klaus Ludwig Clement for a period of two years.


1.  KIVA 2018 tutoring program will take place in the KU Academy of Arts. Active participants will be eligible for the practicing rooms at the Academy. Opening hours: 8:00 – 22:00.
2.  KIVA 2018 will provide the participants with piano accompanists; harpsichord accompanists for Bruno Cocset’s lessons.
3.  English is official language of KIVA 2018. Depending on a professor, other languages might be chosen in individual lessons.
4.  The document (certificate) proving the participation will be emailed after the Academy is over.
5.  KIVA 2018 participants shall arrive in Klaipėda onJune 28, 2018 in order to register. Registration will be held from 14:00 to 17:00
6.  Guardians of underage participants shall have written agreement signed by the parents to escort and represent the child at the KIVA 2018. For escorting individuals (parents or teachers) the concerts and cultural events are free of charge (accreditation card is mandatory).
7.  KIVA 2018 participants shall bring their own instruments.
8.  All KIVA 2018 participants shall be public and open for observation.
9.  KIVA 2018 participants shall register online here »
10. KIVA 2018 does not cover the participants’ travel and accommodation expenses.
11. The tuition fee cannot be refund after the KIVA 2018 participant’s registration is confirmed.
12. KIVA 2018 tutoring program shall be chosen individually and indicated at the registration. The participant shall bring the music scores of the music to be worked on at the Academy.
13. KIVA 2018 offers an opportunity for a participant to appear as a soloist with the orchestra (Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra) at the closing concerts. The artistic director of the Academy and professors will select the participants for these appearances. The criteria for acceptance: penetrating performance of the work, technical proficiency of the performer, evocative interpretation.
13.1. KIVA 2018 participant seeking to appear as a soloist with Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra shall participate in a video audition and present in the application form a video recording of one of the listed works:
     1) Antonio Vivaldi – Concerto for violoncello and orchestra in C minor, RV 401.
     2) Edward Elgar – Concerto for violoncello and orchestra Op. 85 (arranged for violoncello and string orchestra by Thomas Fuschelberger).
     3) Joseph Haydn – Concerto for violoncello and orchestra in C major, Hob. VIIb:1.
     4) Piotr Tchaikovsky – Variations on a Rococo Theme, Op. 33 (version with string orchestra).
13.2. Aspirants to participate in KIVA 2018 closing concerts will be selected by the organisers. The candidates will be informed by June 15.
14. KIVA 2018 participants grant the organisers the right to all recordings of the closing concerts as well as the copyright of audio and video recordings for broadcast and commercial release.
15. In case of any discrepancies in the terms and conditions of KIVA 2018, the text in the Lithuanian language shall prevail.