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Concert Agency of Municipality of Klaipėda City Klaipėda Concert Hall

Klaipėda Concert Hall is the concert agency of professional stage art, situated in the Western Lithuania, which was founded by Klaipėda City Municipality in 2005. Each year Klaipėda Concert Hall organises over 380 events. This concert hall of great acoustics and technical standards pleases even the most challenging demands of the performers. During the summer time the concerts are also staged outside on the park stage nearby.

Concert Hall is open for all, including the internationally recognised as well as young musicians. The team of the venue is loyal to the mission to organise the concerts of local, national and international performers as well as art collectives; to nurture the city’s musical culture, organise festivals of academic and contemporary music as well as educational projects that help to develop the young generation of musicians and listeners.

Klaipėda Concert Hall can boast of three resident art collectives such as Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra, “Aukuras” Choir and Brass Quintet. It also administers the unique instrument of the city – Klaipėda Carillion.

Klaipėda Concert Hall is the initiator and organiser of four music festivals: “Klaipėda Music Spring”, Klaipėda Carillion Festival, “The Music of Changes” and “Salve Musica”. This year KKS festival list also includes Klaipėda International Cello Festival and Competition. All of these festivals are full of distinctive stylistics and sounds, which gather always expanding numbers of listeners.