Composition Written for the Competition

Anatolijus Šenderovas "Interludium" (2017)

""Interludium" for cello solo (2017) is dedicated to David Geringas and assigned to Klaipėda International Cello Festival and Competition. It uses the insert from the David Geringas project “BACH +”,  which was constructed to be performed in between the two suites of J. S. Bach. Within the context of “Interludium“ it greatly expanded, the numerous new moments occured, one could also feel the traces of both the Lithuanian motives and specific manner of their performance. It will be exciting to hear the different interpretations of this piece. Best of luck!" Anatolijus Šenderovas 

Composer Anatolijus Šenderovas (b. 1945)  is the author of three staged ballets, three symphonies, large vocal-symphonic pieces, eight instrumental concertos, three string quartets, piano trio and other works.
A. Šenderovas has been awarded the highest prize in Lithuania – Lithuanian National Prize for Culture and Arts in 1997 as well as prestigious European Composer Award (Berlin, 2002). Composer is awarded the Order of the Grand Duke Gediminas (Knight's Cross, 1996) and the Order of Merit to Lithuania (Officer's Cross, 2006). Among the many awards one would also mention the prize of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO, Switzerland, 2008), Gold Star award of the Lithuanian Copyrights Agency LATGA-A (2010) and the highest award of the Ministry of Culture of Lithuania – Badge of Honour “Carry your Light and Believe” (2015).
The music of A. Šenderovas is popular within the daily performers‘ repertoire. It is also regularly performed in the concert halls of Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.