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Are you a talented violoncellist who gets fully engulfed in music? If it is so the best place for concentrating your new energy is Klaipėda, the city that was moulded by Curonians, Germans, French, Swedes, British and Lithuanians for centuries. In the friendly city lying at the bosom of the Curonian Spit, the nature wonder, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, enveloped in silent murmur of the Baltic Sea! We invite you to discover the anatomy of the violoncello and absorb the know-how of the best pedagogues!

WHAT? >>> Klaipėda International Violoncello Academy (KIVA 2018)

WHEN? >>> June 28 – July 6

ABSOLUTE TRUTH >>> 50% of the registration fee is covered by the Klaipėda Municipality!                                                                                                                                        The participant’s tuition fee 499 Eur → 250 Eur

The world’s violoncello elite will share its experience with you!

Andrzej Bauer (Poland) – individual violoncello lessons, Bruno Cocset (France) – individual baroque violoncello lessons, Eleonora Testelec (Latvia) – individual violoncello lessons, Joseph Hasten (Germany) – violoncello ensemble sessions, violoncello orchestra, Karine Georgian (United Kingdom) – individual violoncello lessons, Martti Rousi (Finland) – individual violoncello lessons, Mindaugas Bačkus (Lithuania) – individual violoncello lessons, Roel Dieltiens (Belgium) – individual violoncello lessons, Stephan Braun (Germany) – jazz violoncello improvisation lessons.

For a period of nine days Klaipėda will be flooded by the beautiful sounds of violoncello. The Academy accepts participants aged 16–30, however it also welcomes younger children. If you are younger and want to be a participant of the Academy fill the application via Internet.

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