May 3
50 min
10 €

Start of the event: 19:00 h
Venue: Klaipeda Drama Theatre (Teatro st. 2)

Audiovisual performance installation

Idea and music: Justė Janulytė
Video director Luca Scarzella (Italy)
Video Assistant Michele Innocente (Italy)
Live electronics: Michele Tadini, Antonello Raggi (Italy)
Set Designer Jūratė Paulėkaitė
Lighting Designers: Eugenijus Sabaliauskas, Vilius Vilutis
Gaida Ensemble Soloists: Edmundas Kulikauskas, Povilas Jacunskas, Justas Kulikauskas, Onutė Švabauskaitė (cellos)

"...most beautiful mystery..."
 Will Robin, Seated Ovation Blogspot
"It was one of those rare moments when one leaves a contemporary music performance at peace, happy, and without any annoying questions."
Andrius Maslekovas, Literatura ir menas 
"It seems the music emerges from unseen distances, and gets closer to the listener without notice, then finally pierces into the listener, passes through all the cells, moves the atoms, and then slowly recedes until disappearing completely in the horizon. Sometimes it seems that Juste’s works do not have a beginning or an end and that over there, behind the horizon, the music keeps on moving, pierces someone else."
Jurate Katinaite, Antena
Conceived by composer Justė Janulytė and carried out in collaboration with an international crew of Lithuanian and Italian artists, the Sandglasses is a project defined by the interaction between live and pre-recorded sound and visuals, slowly developing performance in time and space. In Janulytė’s words, it “explores acoustic, visual and symbolic meanings of a sand timer, as a phenomenon. The musical idea is visualized by the purpose-built cylinder screens, made of tulle, where video images and lighting effects are projected. They extend and transform performers’ presence on the stage, while creating fictions and submerging spectators into various perceptive experiences.”
Premiered in 2010 at the Gaida Festival in Vilnius, this performance installation was the first of its kind in Lithuania and drew huge interest from the festival producers and journalists in Europe and elsewhere. Initiated and supported by the European network for the creation and promotion of new music Réseau Varèse, it has travelled to around ten major contemporary music festivals in Europe, including also Sydney Festival in Australia and Music of Changes Festival in Klaipėda, in 2011.
What captivates the audience in the Sandglasses? Perhaps its most winning aspect lies in an exceptionally intimate relation between music and images, which not only engenders new artistic quality but also creates an utterly enthralling atmosphere.