May 3
1 h. 20 min.
4 €
Start of the event: 19.00 h
Venue: Klaipėda Culture Factory, kino klubas „8 ½“ (Bangų st. 5A)

Meeting with the director Josh Aronson (USA) and film screening

    "Fabulous - full of wisdom, warmth and compassion. Talent Has Hunger captures that rare magical process of a master teacher at work that made me feel he was not just teaching cello students... It was a lesson to all of us." Yo-Yo Ma








The latest documentary by the Academy Award nominated US director Josh Aronson “Talent Has Hunger“ tells a story about the incomprehensible power of music to consume, enhance and propel lives. The working process of the performer often seems significantly engimatic and mysterious. This movie seeks to reveal what is exactly happening behind the closed doors of the rehearsal.

It focuses on the legendary cello virtuoso, founder of the Grammy awarded Cleveland Quartet, professor Paul Katz which teaching at the Boston-based New England Conservatory of Music has been filmed over 7 years.

What it takes to become a virtuoso? How do you teach creativity, imagination and inspiration? The answers lie in the movie “Talent Has Hunger“.